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Why We Exist

Team Impact’s purpose is to partner with local churches to reach individual communities with the Good News of Jesus Christ, to serve the local pastor and build the local church.

You have heard it said that we live in a "sight and sound" generation. The truth is that fallen man has been seeking to fulfill their emptiness with what they can see, hear and touch since man's first disobedience. And since that time they have been pulled in every direction by a world that promises them everything and offers nothing.

Team Impact has learned that if you can get a person's attention - they will listen to what you have to say. And Team Impact has found a way to get people's attention.

Our unique style of ministry uses the talents of elite athletes performing a mesmerizing production that demands attention of old and young alike. The appeal is nearly irresistible, especially for those who would normally never attend church. While the method may be different, the message remains the same - Salvation through grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

Reaching Communities for Jesus Christ

Team Impact truly believes that God desires to use every local body of believers to extend His Kingdom. It is this belief that leads us into communities rural and urban, partnering with Bible believing churches of every size, shape and makeup. 

Team Impact is ideally suited for churches looking for creative evangelism but unwilling to water down the message of the cross; a church focused on reaching all generations and people from every walk of life. As well, Team Impact sees tremendous results in reaching entire cities and communities through the combined efforts of several churches or ministerial alliances. Whether your church is large or small, you have the potential of reaching your entire community for Jesus Christ.


Team Impact strives to be a ministry that helps grow the local church through strategic follow-up. With our “Join the Team” program, The Impact new converts Bible*, reconnect strategies and other proven assimilation resources, our aim is to help pastors reach their evangelistic and church growth goals. Bringing the new converts into the local body is paramount to Team Impact and we know that with the proper resources and dilligence you will see growth through a Team Impact crusade.

*For more information on the Team Impact NIV New Testament, please email us. The Team Impact New Testament was created and is published by the International Bible Society.


Trust is vital in any relationship, it is the fertile soil upon which every interaction between persons or ministries is cultivated and grown. Team Impact would want Pastors and churches to know that we sincerely strive to serve each local congregation above reproach with character and integrity. Team Impact is committed to serving the local pastor and representing our Lord as well as the body of Christ with excellence. 


Team Impact will provide you with virtually every resource needed to host an effective and successful outreach. Our Impact manual covers all bases of organization and preparation. It can be supplemented with audio and visual media to professionalize and maximize all aspects of your Team Impact event.

Furthermore, our highly qualified crusade staff is at your service to help guide and equip you to maximize your Team Impact crusade.

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